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Do you remember the last time you got a really great night's sleep? Perhaps it wasn't even in your own bed. Where were you? A hotel? Your favorite easy chair? A couch?

All too often, the answer is somewhere other than your own bed. But you should be getting your best night's sleep on your own mattress.


If you find you're not sleeping as well as you should in your own bed, you may want to consider that your mattress and foundation could be depriving you of good sleep. It may be time for a new mattress if:

- You wake up with pain, stiffness or soreness.

- You are not sleeping as well as you were a year ago.

- You had your best night's sleep somewhere other than your own bed.

- Your mattress shows visible signs of wear and tear.


Too often, people are unaware that their mattress is no longer meeting their needs. You can avoid sleepless nights by carefully evaluating the comfort and support of your sleep set twice a year to make sure your personal comfort preferences are still being met.


Lady Americana puts its money (and ultimately your money) into the mattress you sleep on, not into expensive advertising campaigns that won’t support you while you sleep. Unlike all those “Name Brand” mattress companies that spend millions to tell you why their products are the best, Lady Americana puts its money into making the highest quality mattresses on the market. We take the most economical approach by making superior, state of the art mattresses available at a value conscious price.

Lady Americana is manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI. This limits your exposure to the environment (shorter delivery mileage) as well as supporting locally made products and employees. Lady Americana nationally has a green initiative “Eco Comfort”… that Lady Americana Midwest participates in and is in the process of completing all of the qualifications.

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